Fairtrade Fortnight at Upton

For Fairtrade Fortnight the students and staff at Upton By Chester High School organised many activities including a fantastic fashion show.

Mr Keegan delivered an assembly to the students about why we are involved and what we have done in the past. (See below)


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The Fairtrade Team, Miss Noel, Mrs Keefe, Mrs Hewitt and Mrs Jenkins-Campbell met regularly with the students to organise a fantastic Fashion show on 4/3/15 which included students modelling Fairtrade clothes, Fairtrade food and clothes stalls, wine tasting and a raffle. Preparation was ongoing for the fashion show, 85 students were involved. Miss M Noel, Yunus Hall leader, contacted many businesses for their support and had a good response, culminating in a wealth of prizes to give out.

(See below)

Model students:

Upton High School Fashion Show 004 Upton High School Fashion Show 001

Students celebrating a fantastic show:





Mr J Jones took charge of the Fairtrade wine tasting giving our visitors an insight into the wonderful flavours of the Fairtrade wine, a special treat. Mr M Bell and his son managed a stall of Fairtrade items.

mr jonesmr bell


A stall was also set up by a charity group called Chifundo & Chanasa selling Fairtrade, clothes, cushions and gifts. The models were dressed in Fairtrade clothes supplied by the businesses we contacted.

The boys also modelled the 6 winning T-shirt designs that Mrs A Thompson printed for us, that were later presented to the students who designed them for the D&T T-shirt inter-hall competition, in their hall assembly.



The girls modelled the Year 8 textile designs and the jewellery made in a workshop by Year 8.



Paige Bradbury Yr12 and Andreas Dobson Yr13 took on the duties of MC keeping everyone informed through the night.


Miss M Noel and Mrs D Keefe worked very hard with the models choreographing the routines.

model1 model2 model3 model4


The waiters were trained by Mrs T Jenkins-Campbell and they made the night flow with their efficient service, parent’s commented on how well they did, a special mention to Nate Green who took charge of them on the night. The food, provided by Aspens added another dimension to the evening everyone said they enjoyed their fish and chips.


Raffle winners Mrs Dixon and Mrs Hewitt:


Fairtrade tuck shop was open every day, from 2 March, at break time and sometimes at lunchtime, for a week. Fairtrade cakes were on sale each day. The cakes were made in Mrs H Sievers’ year 10 food lessons and then frozen. With the help of Mrs J Lipscombe a couple of trays were brought out each day to sell. They were a resounding success and sold like hot cakes.

Staff ( Mrs Hewitt and Miss Noel) and students fundraising:


Mr Keegan was sponsored to wear the banana suit for the day!





Thank you to everyone for raising awareness of Fairtrade and their mission in helping reduce poverty in the world. Locally our community will benefit from the collections.The work has now begun for the Fairtrade team to sort and pack the food into hampers for the care homes and local food bank.

foodbank1foodbank 2


Orchard Manor care home residents with Mrs Jenkins-Campbell and activities co-ordinator, Lesley Catt below:

Orchard manor

Members of the Fairtrade team delivered a Fairtrade food hamper (4 boxes) to Orchard Manor care home (90 residents) in Acres Lane, Upton. The hamper was made up of 21 boxes of tea, 12 tubs of hot chocolate, 5 bags of sugar, 4 large biscuits, 8 jars of coffee, 16 multipacks of Kit Kat, 4 boxes of Maltesers and loads of Cadbury’s Dairy milk and various other brands of Fairtrade chocolate bars. The residents said they were looking forward to the chocolate hamper that Lesley Catt, activities co-ordinator, was going to make up with some of the chocolate and raffle. Some of the boxes were decorated by students. The residents of the home were very happy to take delivery of our hampers. They were very impressed at what the students had achieved and were looking forward to the treats.



The team visited Wealstone care home, Upton, where we gave another hamper to the manager, Susan Dutton. Residents were excited with the amount of food the students had kindly donated and were looking forward to the chocolate bars.

Wealstone1 Wealstone2

At Kingscourt care home in Newton Lane, Upton, acting manager, Paula Probat, was pleased to receive yet another of our Fairtrade boxes of food hamper donations and the residents were thankful to the students and delighted to know our students cared. They watched the boxes being unpacked.


Joyce Mead, activities co-ordinator, of Crawford Walk nursing home in Hoole, came in to our school to collect their Fairtrade food hampers. Their residents, Audrey Owen, Cath Blake, Robin Powell and carer, Abbi Bulmer came and met some of our students. They are pictured above with Paula Dixon, Head, and Fairtrade team leader, John Keegan, 2nd Deputy Head, and some of our students.

Robin particularly took a fancy to the chocolate. They said the children at our school are a credit to us.



During Fairtrade Fortnight students in years 7 to 9 enjoyed Science lessons with a fair trade theme. Year 7 students organised and presented data showing Fairtrade banana exports.  Year 8 students debated who should earn what from the sale of a banana. The most popular lesson however proved to be the Year 9 Chemistry lesson where students investigated the energy content of Fairtrade chocolate (see picture below).

The students image1 (1)



The students in Year 9 developed a presentation to persuade a Kenyan coffee company to join the Fairtrade organisation. They had to convince the company of the benefits to them and the local community. Then they peer assessed their work in order to help develop, improve and make greater progress.

IMG_0569 IMG_0570 IMG_0571 IMG_0572


Modern Foreign Languages




Below work by Casey Furnival and Emma Fullalove. 


Below work by

Thomas Assinder and Matthew Eagles.

Fairtrade Madagascar

Below work by Abbie Gifford



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